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FRP Platforms for Corrosive Environments

FRP Platforms for Corrosive Environments

FRP Platforms for Corrosive Environments

FRP Platforms for Corrosive Environments

FRP Platform
Standard FRP equipment platform

Standard FRP Platforms

Access Industrial offers a wide variety of standard FRP platforms. They are suitable for wastewater treatment plants, sewers, the chemical industry and other corrosive environments. We have economical solutions for containment areas and trench covers. In addition, we have many standard solutions for equipment and access platforms. Many of these platforms can be turned into a custom solution by just a few tweaks, saving you precious time and money. All our standard FRP structures come complete with CAD shop drawings, an engineer’s stamp, seal and installation supervision.


FRP Platforms
Custom FRP equipment platform

Custom FRP Platforms

We encourage you not to shy away from custom FRP solutions. We will make you look good by providing you with neat custom FRP platform solutions for less. Just give us a call, send us a sketch, or drop by. We will come up with a solution that suits both your needs and your budget. Custom design and shop drawings normally only take a week or less from receipt of order. And just like our standard solutions, our custom FRP platforms come complete with everything. It is a full turnkey solution, complete with CAD shop drawings and an engineer’s stamp and seal.

FRP Rest Platforms

If your elevations are over 17 ft or 5 meters, ladders require a cage or other more expensive safety features. For elevations higher than 30’ or 9 meters, most building codes require platforms for your caged ladders. They need to offer a place where the climber can rest. Anyone who has ever climbed vertical ladders knows that rest platforms are not luxury but a necessity. Access Industrial provides fiberglass ladders with standard rest platforms but sometimes your situation may require a custom solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Engineering Department to discuss your requirements. They will gladly propose an economical solution for you.

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