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FRP Benefits

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) is the material that Access Industrial uses to create extremely durable products such as ladders and platforms and railings. They excel at service in very corrosive environments.

FRP is reliable and strong. Its durability is second to none. Stainless Steel will last, at the most, five years in sea water. FRP, in that same environment, will perform for decades without significant loss of strength, at a fraction of the cost.

The engineers at Access Industrial Inc. know their FRP in and out. We design extremely strong, durable and yet economical FRP products. We use classical laminate theory as well as the latest finite element analysis software. We can advise you which resin type to specify for what corrosive environment and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with durable yet cost-effective solutions.

Contact us at Access Industrial Inc. and let us advise you what structure and which material is the most economical in your application. We endeavor to give our clients a professional proposal in a matter of hours. Bypass the tired sales rep and his worn-out sales pitch and talk to a specialist today.


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