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FRP Trail Bridges

FRP Bridge

FRP Trail Bridges

Access Industrial designs and builds durable Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) trail bridges. These bridges are designed for decades of continuous use in locations where access is difficult. FRP is the ideal material for bridges because of its strength and its ability to stand up to the rot that plagues wooden bridges. Our FRP trail bridges are lightweight and require no special skills to assemble. They require no maintenance. This makes them ideally suited for use on nature trails and other sensitive, difficult-to-access, locations.

FRP Bridges

Access Industrial can ship them to you as a kit, for assembly in the field, or partly assembled. Our engineers are available for field measurements. We provide you with a contractor who can install them for you, or you can do it yourself. After completion, a factory engineer will come to certify your bridge.

Contact our engineering team today to discuss your unique requirements.


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