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FRP Safety Landings For Manholes

FRP Safety Landing
Standard FRP safety landing for a 1200 mm manhole

FRP safety landings for small diameter manholes

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FRP safety landings: Budgets for underground infrastructure get tighter every day. One way municipalities can save on their maintenance budget is by having manhole safety landings that do not require any maintenance. The engineers at Access Industrial have therefore developed maintenance-free safety landings that are made out of FRP. A-Rated by the Road Authority, Access Industrial FRP Safety Landings are available for 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm manholes. They are in full compliance with the structural and layout requirements of the Ontario standard requirements for safety landings, except they are better. They are better because they are not made of metal. FRP safety landings will never corrode and will offer problem-free operation for the life of your manhole.

Access Industrial’s FRP safety landings come complete with our patented non-metallic self-locking hatch system. This allows for an easy, one-hand operation, while your other hand can safely hold on to the ladder. They are economical, lightweight, easy to install and they never need replacement.

They are the true “safety” landing, providing safe manhole access for us, our children and our grandchildren.


FRP Safety Landings
Standard FRP safety landing for a 3800 mm access shaft

FRP safety landings for large diameter manholes

For manholes larger than 1800 mm and smaller than 3800 mm, Access Industrial offers corrosion-resistant FRP safety landings with a different layout. The large FRP safety landing is typically equipt with self-locking hatches in the centre of the platform. They have fixed FRP wings on the sides. They boast full access to rescue operations.

Compared to stainless steel and even aluminium, they are the most economical solution for your access shafts. They are sturdy and rigid, but at the same time, lightweight and extremely easy to install. Access Industrial’s large FRP safety landing is the platform of choice for many municipalities in North America.


Standard Half Round FRP Safety Landing
Standard half round FRP safety landing for a 9000 mm access shaft

FRP half platforms for large diameter manholes

For manholes over 1800 mm, Access Industrial offers half round, as well as rectangular platforms. These corrosion resistant platforms are equipped with FRP railing on one side. They offer maximum access for cranes, sluice gates and/or locks and are a popular choice for connection chambers and diversion shafts.

Access Industrial offers standard solutions for shafts from 2400 mm up to 9000 mm. Hatches are of the standard self-locking kind. They offer access up to 1500 mm wide. Railings can be provided in one-piece or smaller units to facilitate installation through a 600 mm access cover. The individual components are lightweight and lower by a single person, using a rope, if necessary.

All our safety landings are provided as a turn-key solution. They come complete with 316 stainless steel Hilti Kwikbolts, CAD shop drawings, and the stamp of a professional engineer. Give us a call and we will pair you up with one of our talented designers.


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