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FRP Covers

Modular FRP Clarifier Cover

FRP Clarifier Covers

Access Industrial designs and manufactures FRP covers for weather and odor protection. Our FRP covers cost significantly less than stainless steel, aluminum and poured-in-place concrete covers. The corrosion resistance of FRP makes it a very suitable cover material for use at a waste water treatment plant.

All our FRP covers come in “kit form”. They are shipped flat to the job site. Joints between the panels and connectors are bolted and bonded during assembly. Other connections are available where removal of the panels is needed. We can include hatches and view ports wherever you need them. We can make the covers fire-retardant for indoor applications. We equip our covers with UV inhibitors and a surface veil for enhanced UV and corrosion protection.

For large covers we include FRP support beams complete with wall brackets and 316 stainless steel wall anchors. Wherever the cover needs an engineered FRP support structure, our submittal comes complete with hand calculations and the seal and stamp of a professional engineer. Call us now to receive a quote to cover your clarifier or digester with a durable FRP structure.

Hinged FRP Launder Covers

FRP Launder Covers

Access Industrial offers small FRP covers for launders and troughs. These covers prevent the growth of algae by eliminating sunlight. Algae reduction results in better flow consistency and, with it, reduced maintenance cost. In addition launder covers prevent ingress of debris. In the wintertime they keep the launders free from snow and ice.

Most covers we sell are custom. They are designed by our in-house team of professional engineers. They are lockable and hinged where regular access is required. They can be designed for round as well as rectangular clarifiers.

We can also cover pits and sumps where regular access is required. Covers can be supported by cast-in-place FRP curb angles or bolt-on wall angle.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.