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Sanitary sewer manhole: Access Industrial carries a full line of economical FRP safety products. For manholes, we have a huge range of standard FRP Safety Landings and fixed FRP Ladders. We make FRP platforms for shafts varying from 900 mm in diameter to 9000 mm. We offer timely quotes, comprehensive drawings and submittals. Once you are ready, we will ship beautiful, lightweight and durable FRP platforms that will provide safe, maintenance-free access for decades. You can install them, or you can have our hand-picked FRP installation specialists do it. Call us today for a quote!


Access Industrial specializes in building FRP Structures for the corrosive environments found in wastewater treatment plants. We build access platforms for tanks and scrubbers. We construct stairs and railings for wet wells, and we fabricate FRP ladders for chemical containment areas. All our projects start with timely line by line quotes, field measurements, comprehensive drawings and submittals. They end with beautiful, lightweight and durable FRP structures that can easily be installed by your own crew. Call us today to discuss your project.


Malls and Shopping Centers can turn into very corrosive environments with the abundant use of salt and cleaning agents around loading docks and back entrances. Replace your rusty access stairs and introduce slip resistant FRP steps and platforms from Access Industrial. Minimize the chance on accidental falls. Reduce your maintenance head ache. Ask us for a quote today.


Maintenance on access structures for public buildings is a big expense. Would it not be great if you did not have to maintain these structures for decades? Access Industrial can build you custom, maintenance free FRP access structures. They will facilitate access to AC units and chimneys for years to come. Call us for a quote.


Access Industrial offers FRP stairs, gratings, ladders and special structures that comply with the stringed requirements of water treatment plants. We can build any FRP structure with NSF61-approved products. Ask us for a quote today.

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