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FRP Weirs and Scum Baffles

FRP Weirs and Scum Baffles

FRP Weirs

Weirs in water and wastewater treatment plants are used to regulate the inflow of water into launders or troughs. They control inflow with their elevation. The weirs are available with rectangular and V-shaped notches. Both are used to regulate the flow rate.  Access Industrial makes weirs out of FRP. They are supplied as a kit. They come complete with 316 stainless steel anchors, FRP washers and a comprehensive installation manual. You don’t want to install them yourself? No problem! Ask us for an installation quote from one of our approved contractors.

FRP Scum Baffles

Scum baffles are stop plates that are installed in front of the frp weir or the trough. They serve to prevent floating solids from flowing over the weir. Access Industrial offers scum baffles in FRP complete with engineered FRP supports and 316 stainless steel bolting hardware.

FRP Baffles
FRP Density Current Baffles

FRP Density Current Baffles

The density current baffle in clarifiers reduces the scouring effect that is created by density currents moving up the clarifier wall. This causes suspended solids from settling properly and it allows solids to flow directly into the effluent trough. The density current baffle is mounted on the wall of the clarifies tank. The position is typically below the effluent launder and the scum baffle. If mounted properly the density current baffle redirects the flow inward and down towards the centre of the tank. This allows the settling of more solids. Access Industrial Inc. makes the density current baffle of FRP. FRP baffles are lightweight and easy to install. In addition, they offer phenomenal corrosion resistance ensuring problem-free operation for decades. Density current baffles are also referred to as submerged flow deflection baffles, upflow baffles or effluent launder baffles.

FRP Troughs
FRP Launder Trough

FRP Troughs

Access Industrial manufactures FRP troughs. FRP troughs are typically used as collection and effluent troughs in clarifiers and aeration tanks. They are designed to offer problem-free operation in the harsh environment of a wastewater treatment plant. They are available with square bottoms, round bottoms and in a wide variety of widths and depths. All our designs come complete with CAD drawings stamped and sealed by a professional engineer registered in your state or province.


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