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Ladder For Stairs | FRP Ladders

Ladder For Stairs | FRP Ladders

Ladder For Stairs | FRP Ladders

Ladder For Stairs | FRP Ladders

FRP Ladders
Fixed FRP Ladder installed in an epoxy coated sewage diversion chamber

Fixed FRP Ladders

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Ladder For Stairs: One way that you can save on your maintenance cost is by installing climbing equipment that does not require any maintenance. FRP Ladders are economical, durable and safe choices that will save you a lot of money over their life span. In addition, they dramatically reduce the risk of accidents and liability. Access Industrial offers fixed and portable FRP ladders for applications in corrosive environments. Our ladders are virtually everywhere: under roads, in pumping stations and in manholes. Although you may never see them, they perform day after day, keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. A-Rated by the Road Authority.

Access Industrial’s ladders come complete with FRP wall attachment brackets and 316 Stainless Steel or FRP bolting hardware. Once installed, they do not require any maintenance at all. FRP ladders will last as long as, or longer than, the structure they are attached to.

You can find our FRP ladder in sewers, wastewater treatment plants and chlorine rooms all over North America. We can provide you with NSF 61 compliant ladders for your drinking water reservoirs. Our ladders are everywhere, but you might never have seen us. Our ladders are performing day after day, in deep dark holes, keeping your maintenance cost at bay.

Typically, ladder shop drawings for your requirements can be provided within a day from your order. The majority of our ladders are standard with a 400 mm inside width, but we can provide you with inexpensive custom solutions if you need it. Just give us a call and talk to the designer directly.


caged FRP ladder
Caged FRP ladder in Ottawa

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) ladder
FRP ladder and access platform


Materials and Construction

Access Industrial’s ladders are produced using premium Iso polyester resin with flame retardant and UV inhibitors. We can also provide you with ladders that are made entirely with NSF 61 compliant resins which can be used in drinking water reservoirs. They come complete with NSF61 compliant FRP wall attachment brackets and 316 Stainless Steel bolting hardware.

Sizes and availability

Access Industrial’s ladders are produced in a standard 19 ½” overall ladder width with a 16” rung width. The rungs are spaced 12” apart. We can make the ladders at any length and they are designed in full compliance with OSHA 1910.23, OSHA 1926.1053 and your local building code.

Most of the FRP Ladders we make are safety yellow. But we can also make them in dark grey.

We typically ship them fully assembled so they can be installed in the field within a few hours.

Some ladders may require longer stand-offs or special brackets with additional bracing. We have many inexpensive solutions available to suit your needs.


All our ladders can be equipped with devices that facilitate access.

The Double UP!® Extendable Ladder rails are extensions on either side of the ladder. They are available in three versions. They can be mounted behind, on the side, or in front of the ladders, depending on the openings they have to fit through. Pull them up when you need them and retract them when you are done.


Fully retracted FRP Ladder
fully retracted

Rear-mounted FRP ladder
Rear mounted

Side-mounted FRP Ladder
side mounted

We also make these Double UP!® ladder extensions as a retrofit on any existing fixed FRP ladder you may have. Let us know what size stringer you have and we will have a ladder extension for it.

In addition, we carry wall-mounted T handles that facilitate access to ladders under 24” diameter manhole covers.



wall-mounted T-handle FRP Ladder wall-mounted FRP ladder




Does my ladder need a cage?

If your ladders exceed 5 m of elevation they need a cage. In addition, if the ladder exceeds an elevation of 9 m it requires a rest platform.

There are exceptions to this rule. When a ladder leads into a confined space it becomes important to provide access for rescue operations. Cages get in the way and so safety features such as safety landings and tethers may be more suitable.

Access Industrial’s ladders work for all of these options. We make ladders with FRP cages, and we make FRP safety landings. Our safety landings have self-locking hatches that provide easy access to tethered workers.



caged FRP ladder
Caged FRP Ladder in a corrosive environment

FRP ladders
FRP Ladders and platforms ready to ship


How to order?

Ordering our FRP Ladders is quick and easy. Email sales@accessindustrial.com or give us a call. For initial pricing, we only need the length of your ladder and a confirmation that standard stand-offs will work for you. Once you are ready to order, we can provide you with stamped and sealed shop drawings within a few days of your order.

The majority of our FRP ladder orders are standard as we have a large variety of brackets readily available. However,  we can provide you with inexpensive custom solutions if required.  Give us a call and we will make it work. 

Technical Data for FRP ACCESS®Ladders

  • Maximum length without a splice 20’0”
  • Maximum Ladder length with cage 33’6”
  • Clear inside width 16”
  • Outside width 19 ½”
  • Rung Spacing 12”
  • Outside diameter of rung 1 ¼”
  • Inside diameter of rung 7/8”
  • Rail Outside width 1 ¾”
  • Rail Wall thickness ¼”
  • Weight per ft 5 lbs.

 Drawings of standard ACCESS®Ladders

  • Standard FRP ladder construction

Standard FRP Ladders

  • Fixed FRP Ladder Dimensions Standard

Standard Fixed FRP Ladder

  • Standard Fixed FRP Caged Ladder dimensions

FRP Caged LadderFixed FRP Caged Ladder

  • 24” walk through dimensions Standard

Other options

  • Large standoff brackets
  • Large standoff brackets with bracing
  • Intrepid safety gates as per intrepidindustries.com
Fixed Caged FRP Ladders
Fixed Caged FRP Ladder installed on a chemical tank

Fixed Caged FRP Ladders

In applications of FRP ladders where the elevation is over 5.0 m (or 17 ft), most building codes require a cage on the ladder or another climbing aid such as a fall arrest system. Compared to a 316 stainless steel fall arrest system, and FRP cage on a ladder is a way more economical and expedient solution. Fall arrest systems are on their way out and they are extremely hard to get. Only a few large conglomerates in North America provide fall arrest systems these days. They are expensive and hard to deal with and their lead times will bring even the most patient contractor to tears. Call us for a quick quote on your caged FRP ladder today. We can get one over to you in no time at all.

Ladder For Stairs – FRP Ships Ladders

FRP Ships Ladders
FRP ships ladder installed in a tight spot

There are spaces where you want to provide easier access than just an FRP ladder, but you do not have enough space for proper stairs. What do you do? Consider installing a ship’s ladder. Access Industrial ships ladders provide easy access for workers with heavy tool belts and equipment. They have railings and treads offering the same safe access as FRP stairs but without the space requirements. Call us with your requirements and we will be able to provide you with a quick price. You will be surprised how affordable our FRP ship ladders are. Typically, shop drawings can be provided within a week from your order. Ships ladders are always a custom design, but we can provide you with competitive custom solutions. Just give us a call and talk to the designer direct.

Ladder Rung


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